Telehandler & heavy Machinery Repair – Maitland


MPE Repairs, in Maitland, is a full mechanical service and compliance specialist for telehandlers, EWP equipment, and heavy machinery. We work on access equipment, excavators, farm machinery, and more.

With more than 20 years of experience at our Maitland workshop, our staff repairs all manner of heavy machinery, including trucks and trailers, as well as telehandlers and other elevated work platforms.

When you’re looking for mechanical attention for your heavy equipment, you’ll find the reliability, honesty and affordability at MPE Repairs is second to none.

This is so important when your business and livelihood depends on it.

You could be using heavy machinery on the job yourself or you might be hiring it out to others… either way, you want that equipment to work without a hitch. With MPE Repairs doing routine maintenance and servicing on your machinery, you’ll be able to count on it.

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about our servicing and maintenance for access equipment, including telehandlers and other elevated work platforms. You’ll also be pleased to know the same high standards of mechanical attention apply to our work on heavy machinery for earthmoving and agriculture.

Fleet maintenance is another aspect of our work at MPE Repairs. Larger operators in Maitland and surrounding Hunter Valley areas enjoy having our expertise on tap for the fleet servicing of their heavy machinery.
It’s no secret that serious problems tend to start off as small non-issues’—the kind of beginnings that cause little or no concern. The real secret is finding a way to make sense of the underlying messages.

In our maintenance servicing, we make it our business to understand those messages—to pay attention to sounds, instrument readings, the way the engine meshes under load, etc.

We use diagnostics tools that confirm our suspicions and sometimes detect issues hidden behind others.

Sweating the small stuff is how we earned our great reputation for comprehensive equipment maintenance.

Fixing the little glitches is the easier and least expensive way to have your machinery performing better for longer.

MPE Repairs is where you’ll find resourceful mechanics who make quick work of heavy machinery repairs and who possess the kind of attention to detail that maintenance servicing is all about. We handle jobs large and small—from a single piece of machinery to full fleet maintenance.

We also have a full mobile service, so we can come to you.

Get in touch with us today for a quote. We can also give you the information you need to decide on the maintenance servicing you need for your investment in plant and equipment.

Why call MPE for Telehandler & Heavy Machinery repair?

Our mechanics have the experience and expertise to take care of servicing and compliance of telehandlers and EWP equipment. We bring this same level of professional competence and care to the mechanical maintenance of earthmoving and agricultural heavy machinery.

At MPE Repairs, in Maitland, you can count on your machinery working at peak performance for the long term. Call us today and find out about our value-for-money maintenance and repair services.
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Bloke is top-notch. Helped me out in heaps of situations.
— Michael R.