Jaltest Diagnostic Testing In Maitland


You are the beneficiary here because, thanks to Jaltest’s multi-brand diagnostic tool, no time and money is wasted wondering about the conditions inside the working components of your machine.

MPE Repairs has brought Jaltest Diagnostic Testing to Maitland. This is breakthrough technology that puts a serious amount of daylight between MPE Repairs and anyone else who might be hoping to compete with us.
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How Our Diagnostic Tool Works

With Jaltest’s technology in our hands, we can get a full diagnostics report on your heavy machinery, truck or tractor in quick time. Your machine’s engine, transmission and more, will be laid bare under the X-ray vision of Jaltest diagnostic testing.

Immediately, decisions can be made as to the best plans for the ongoing health of your machine.

If any minor parts are about to fail, we can quickly replace them before they lead to anything more serious. If the scan were to reveal a larger scale problem, we can provide you with the details so you can make appropriate decisions. You can decide whether further investment in your machine is warranted, that the search for second-hand parts should begin, or that it’s time to trade old for new.

Will It Scan Your Machinery?

Jaltest’s diagnostic tool doesn’t care too much about the brand of your truck or tractor. It works on multi-brands, trucks, trailer, vans, tractors and a wide range of agricultural machinery.

It works for Japanese, European, South African and American trucks, including light commercials—among others, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, UD, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Cummins, Detroit and more.

Tractors can also be quickly diagnosed with this powerful technology—all makes and models from John Deere, Case, IH, Kubota, New Holland, Claas, Deutz, including all late model stationary motors, can be given the full Jaltest treatment.

Jaltest’s diagnostic software programs call on manufacturers' technical information, including wiring diagrams, to make quick work of detecting where repairs are needed.

A short checklist of the features of the Jaltest diagnostic testing tool follows:

  • Systems identification
  • Systems configuration
  • ECU (Engine Control Module) data
  • Diagnosis
  • Component tests
  • Activations
  • Measuring
  • Reprogramming

MPE Repairs is the only machinery repair centre in, or around Maitland, that can quickly provide you with the vital information you're needing to know about your work equipment.

If you’ve been a good custodian, the likelihood is that your machinery will sail through our Jaltest diagnostic testing and be cleared of all major complaints. In which case, you'll be getting only the quickest, most thorough of pit stops for your machine before it gets back to work for you.


Need a Jaltest Diagnostic test or service?

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