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MPE Truck — Equipment Repairs in South Maitland, NSW
MPE Repairs, in Maitland, has established a great reputation for providing exceptional repairs and maintenance servicing for heavy machinery.

Our clientele from all over the Hunter Valley region, want the same thing—reliability.

The team of technicians here at our well-equipped South Maitland workshop have years of experience behind them. With the tools and parts ready for jobs both big and small, they invariably turn repairs around fast and therefore more affordably for customers who depend on us to keep them in business.

Machinery Repaired & Serviced by MPE Repairs

Access equipment, such as telehandlers and other EWP equipment, are repaired and serviced at MPE Repairs, for compliance with all safety standards and regulations.

Top-of-the-line machinery maintenance and repairs is guaranteed for farm machinery, excavators and skid steers. The same quality of mechanical attention is available at our South Maitland workshop for cranes and concrete boom pumps.

Trucks and trailers are also repaired and serviced here. In addition, we provide value-for-money fleet servicing.

Importantly, we also operate a Mobile Service, complete with fully-equipped service vehicles. This means we can come to you to help with breakdown repairs and service machinery that cannot easily be brought to our workshop.

Save Money with Our Diagnostics Technology

At our South Maitland workshop, we have invested in cutting-edge diagnostic technology in the form of the Jaltest Diagnostics Tool.

The beauty of this particular Jaltest diagnostics tool—aside from being the envy of our competitors—is that this superior bit of technology works on so many makes and models.

Our Jaltest tool will save you money by cutting to the chase so quickly. By this, we mean that all the time it would take to physically investigate a problem is out the window. Instead, Jaltest gives our technicians X-ray-like powers to check what's going on beneath the surface.

As with our scheduled maintenance servicing, the objective is to take action early.

By catching issues before they escalate, we help minimise downtime and reduce the cost of repairs by significant orders of magnitude. For example, when we discover that a component is being impacted in any unusual way, instead of simply replacing that part, we can see why its lifespan was compromised in the first place.

The result, in this case, would involve fewer replacements down the line and arresting a problem that would only cause further deterioration.

Save Money with Our Scheduled Maintenance

Knowing machinery as well as we do at MPE Repairs, means we can schedule cost-effective maintenance services that will keep your important equipment running optimally, with reduced downtime and fewer occasions for major overhauls.

Not unlike the logbook servicing that is scheduled for your car, our maintenance servicing is all about good timing. We check components and replace parts before they cause equipment failure.

Ultimately, it's all about making your machinery run better and last longer.

Why MPE Repairs is Good For Your Business

When your business is reliant on heavy machinery, in Maitland or surrounding areas—either in direct use or for hiring out—MPE can help.

Our business is keeping your business in business by making sure your heavy machinery does what is expected of it—from cranes to skid steers and from farm machinery to concrete pumps, trucks and trailers.

We have the experience, as well as the equipment, to make sure this vital equipment, around which your business is based, performs reliably for the long term. And we do it with maximum efficiency and at the most competitive rates in the business.

Get in touch today. We'll provide you with quotes, answers and solutions, so you can have peace of mind when looking to the future in your business.

Call for Heavy machinery Repair & maintenance

MPE Repairs is a specialist in the mechanical repair and servicing of heavy machinery—telehandlers, excavators, skid steers, concrete boom pumps, cranes, farm machinery… the list goes on.

What makes us different is our attention to detail. There is also our Jaltest Diagnostics Technology, which saves you money by detecting underlying issues without the need to spend time investigating through time-consuming physical inspection.

Our scheduled maintenance servicing is a proven winner for businesses that cannot afford to have their equipment fail on them.

Give us a call today. We will happily answer any questions you might have and provide you with a free no-obligation quote.