Concrete pump repair & Crane Service – Maitland


Concrete pump repair work is one of our specialties at MPE Repairs in Maitland. We provide fast turnaround for repairing concrete boom pumps and our rates are extremely competitive.

Our workshop in South Maitland is well-equipped and our technicians are second to none. MPE Repairs has quietly built a reputation for enabling our customers to confidently manage their businesses—to get greater returns on their investment in their plant and equipment.

Crane servicing and repairs is another aspect of our services that our customers find essential to their livelihoods. Our crane technicians have years of experience. And we make sure they have ready access to the tools and parts needed to maintain cranes in top working order.

MPE Repairs is in the business of minimising downtime for critical equipment—concrete pumps, cranes, EWPs, telehandlers, farm machinery, excavating equipment and more. We are experts in the mechanical servicing of heavy machinery
Concrete Pump — Equipment Repairs in South Maitland, NSW
With both concrete boom pumps and cranes, regular maintenance is highly recommended.

The points at which wear and tear occur most often, need regular attention. And it's the level of attention that makes the team at MPE Repairs different. We make sure that less obvious points also get attention.

It's the sum of all the parts that makes a piece of machinery work optimally—everything working in cohesion, without causing undue stress on each component. That is our aim and we have built our workshop, our team, and our reputation aligned with that very aim.

Scheduled Maintenance for Concrete Pumps & Cranes

Our scheduled maintenance servicing is popular with larger operators and proving to be a business advantage for smaller operators too. One of the benefits of our maintenance servicing is that we know when servicing will be needed.

We can advise on a schedule that will work best for you.

You can count on MPE Repairs to keep your concrete pumps, cranes and other equipment running reliably.

Get in touch today and find out more about our repairs and maintenance for your concrete pumps or cranes. You'll soon see the value we can add to your business, especially if you know the feeling of having to turn down profits because your machinery has failed.

Call for concrete pump repair work and Crane Servicing in Maitland

Concrete pumps and cranes are fixed fast and serviced professionally at MPE Repairs in Maitland.

We are skilled in all aspects of heavy machinery repairs—not just concrete pumps and cranes, but telehandlers, EWPs and other access equipment, farm machinery, excavating equipment skid steers, and more.

Give us a call today. One of our heavy machinery experts will provide you with answers, including a free quote and any details about our maintenance services you might need.