Truck, tractor & trailer repair in Maitland


Truck, tractor and trailer repairs and servicing are done fast and affordably at MPE Repairs in Maitland.

What makes these repairs so different—so fast and affordable—is our Jaltest Diagnostics Tool. This piece of cutting-edge technology gives our already knowledgeable technicians X-ray vision. With Jaltest, the inner workings of your truck are like an open book to the MPE Repairs team.

The diagnostics tool we have is more than a little special. You won't find one like it at your average mechanic's workshop. It works on Japanese, European, South African and American trucks. It also works on light commercial vehicles, such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, UD, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Cummins, Detroit and more.

Instead of digging around looking for likely problems with your engine or transmission, our technicians can simply scan with the Jaltest tool and determine what needs attention. This saves you time and therefore money.

We have many years of experience in repairing and maintaining a wide range of equipment, ranging from cranes, concrete pumps, farm machinery and earthmoving equipment, to trucks and trailers.
Truck Repair — Equipment Repairs in South Maitland, NSW

Scheduled Maintenance for Trucks, Tractors & Trailers

Providing truck, tractor and trailer repair services is one aspect. The other very important aspect of our operations is routine maintenance servicing.

Ongoing maintenance—especially timely maintenance—is one of the best ways to guarantee your truck’s long-term reliability, so you can have the confidence that it will provide you with the performance you expect from it.

Maintenance, done the way we do it, will also ensure that your vehicles remain in good condition before any repairs are needed.

We focus on minimising downtime, so you can use your truck for heavy-duty hauling, or rent it out for others to use.

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Our expert staff is standing by to answer all of your questions, so you can hire us with confidence. We’ll go through the details of our repair and maintenance services, as well as provide an appointment time so you can get a quote on the job you need done, or have your equipment inspected to see what needs to be done. We look forward to hearing from you!